About The Keeping Room

The Keeping Room is a small-batch candle, oil and general metaphysical supply maker nestled in the West Virginia Appalachians. We craft everything by hand right here, unless a product clearly states otherwise. 

What's a small-batch manufacturer? We make everything a little at a time. You'd never see 100 candles on a shelf collecting dust for a year before they're shipped. Nope. Your candle was hand poured and dressed no longer than a month ago. Sometimes, it's poured as soon as you order it. The same goes for everything that could lose its potency over time. 

Appalachian hedgewitchery is at the heart of The Keeping Room. What comes naturally and where does the Universe guide us? That's what we listen to. After all, the Universe is much smarter. But hedgewitchery is really only the beginning. It's who ilspeth is, but it may not be who you are. 


The Keeping Room roots run deeply into folk traditions, metaphysical study and practice, good old fashioned hoodoo, and the occult in general. They spread out into many different spiritual paths. 

What might The Keeping Room do for you? You'll find special candles for Sabbats, general ritual and gift giving. You'll also find simple, basic pillar candles that add oomph to your practice, whether it calls for orange, coconut, sage, patchouli, rose or any of hundreds of essential oils. If we don't stock it, we can make it. 


We carry numerous purpose-driven anointing oil blends from traditional and new recipes, powders or sachets, ritual bath salts and oils, and custom-blended incense. In time, we'll be adding ceremonial garments (we're so excited for you to see our creations!), jewelry and more. 


Naturally, the power of every oil, candle, sachet, incense, bath and any other product is entirely dependent on the practitioner's mind and intent. That's why The Keeping Room makes no claim about the power of anything that we sell, nor do we take any responsibility for their use. You are tasked with using our products with discernment and responsibility.


  • Always read product instructions, if any, before using anything that we make and sell.

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended. Ever. Seriously. We ain't playin. 

  • Perform an allergy test before applying any oil to your skin or using oils or other products in the bath. If you have known allergies, please don't assume that our oils, bath & body products or anything else won't trigger a reaction. 

  • Never ingest anything that is not labeled as food and keep products away from your eyes.

  • Never use a product off-label or for purposes that it wasn't created for.


The real power is within you. We merely want to help you find it, develop it, and live a richer life.