Do you feel at home bathing in moonlight? Do you draw power from the silvery orb? Moonspell was made for you. 


This candle was created to complement Keeping Room Moonspell oil. Although it smells wonderful, it was created with a purpose in mind, just like its oil namesake. The proprietary blend of essential oils correlates with moon-focused ritual work, grounding, protection, and the mesmerizing, silvery orb:


  • Sandalwood
  • Frankincense
  • Gardenia
  • Rose
  • Ambergris


Because essential oils typically result in a significantly weaker scent throw,  a touch of fragrance oils is added to the essential oils for a scent boost.


The smoky purple, white and silvery gray colors evoke the bright moon in the nighttime sky and the silvery light that it casts on the earth. The top of the candle is dusted with coarse bits of matching, fragranced wax, benzoin gum crumbs and pearlescent mica shimmer. The sides are drizzled with more fragranced wax and dusted with more mica. To finish it off, each Moonspell candle is dressed with a silver pentacle charm secured with a black satin ribbon.


This candle is perfect for your altar, or anywhere in your home.

Moonspell Pillar Candle

SKU: C001
  • Measures about 5 inches tall and slightly over 3 inches in diameter. Height varies slightly because of the handcrafted nature and because each candle cures in its own unique way, but they're never smaller than 5 x 3. 

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