This slim pillar candle for use in work that banishes negativity, returns bad juju to the sender, and ushers in your desire. 
So what the heck is a Reversible candle?
Also called “Double Action,” the two colors --in this case, black and red--have distinct purposes. The black half represents eliminating negativity and sending it back where it came from. The red half represents your desire, whatever it happens to be for the work at hand. 
There are a few schools of magickal thought on reversible candles (and there's more than one way to use them). I only use ones that have a black top and red (or another color) bottom. Some (many, actually) are made differently with black on the bottom and red on top. But in my experience, the whole point of a reversible candle is to first blast away the bad juju, and then usher in your desire. 
It’s sort of like the way that you cleanse your home. First you clear, for example by burning garlic skins, sage or a banishing incense and working widdershins or counterclockwise. And then you work deosil or clockwise to usher in all things good. I usually use frank & myrrh, 3 Kings or something similar for that. 
With a reversible candle that’s black on top, first you send the negativity back to where it came from. And then you fill that void with the good things that you desire.
Here's how we use them at the Keeping Room:
  1. Carve the side of the black portion: This could be a name or symbol that represents who or what is sending you the bad juju. Some people carve the name or symbol backward, the way that it would look if you were viewing it in a mirror. You can use a toothpick, a bamboo skewer, your athame or anything else. 
  2. Carve the side of the red portion: This should be your desire, whether it's peace, protection, or anything that the negativity is blocking you from or interfering with. I wouldn't carve this word or symbol in reverse, but that's just me. 
  3. Then you're ready to anoint the whole candle with a holy oil, anoint each half with something different, or prepare it however you like. You can also burn it plain without anointing it. 
Everything that I make and sell is created in my own kitchen in small batches. I use a special type of wax to get the rustic, mottled finish. Every candle is fresh, handcrafted by me, and unique. Even when I pour several candles at the same time, each one will cure with a slightly different mottled finish. 

Reversing / Reversible Double Action Pillar Candle

SKU: C017
  • Candle measures approximately 6 inches tall and 1.5  inches in diameter. Height varies slightly because each candle cures in its own unique way. 

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