Every Appalachain Conjure Candle is hand-poured one at a time in small batches and cured in a cupboard in the Keeping Room pantry.


Saint Expeditus conjure candle has a blend of cinnamon, ruda and High John the Conqueror root oil infusion. These herbs and oils relate to Mercury, finances, health and luck in court. We make the High John oil infusion right here in the Keeping Room in a months-long process. The candle dressed on top with cinnamon, cassia oil, galangal and crushed High John root with a sprinkle of gold glitter.The jar has one black feather to represent the raven, and a cross made of leather. 


Burn this candle same as you would any conjure candle, on your altar or anywhere else in your home. You can burn it straight down or light it for a few hours each day. Just be sure to check it and extinguish if the jar gets to hot to handle. Let it cool, trim the wick, then re-light again. Generally, conjure candles should only be snuffed out, never be blown out. If you extinguish yours, snuff it out by placing a saucer on top of the jar, or use a candle snuffer. Trim the wick to about 1/4 inch before lighting again.


How to Petiton Saint Expeditus / Saint Expedite

Saint Expeditus or Saint Expedite is a worker of miracles unlike any other. He is unparalleled for immediate and often stunningly on-point help for an acute situation. He is called on to intercede with legal matters, financial troubles, health problems and any other situation where you need help without delay. Reading through the voluminous stories of how he has intervened for people around the world, there's basically nothing he can't do for the petitioner.


Bear in mind, Saint Expeditus is known as a Roman soldier who expects to be paid, and also expects recognition. Tell him what you need in very clear terms. Don't be vague and don't overthink it. Promise him payment and recognition after he delivers, and follow through on your promise. Although you can use a novena or prayer (there are tons of them available online), it's not necessary. Talk to him as you would anyone else. When he comes through, a traditional offering is a beautiful, thick slice of pound cake and coins (usually pennies or nickels). For recognition, you can post your gratitude publicly at one of the many online message boards dedicated to him, or just write out your thanks and tack it to a bulletin board. 


Saint Expeditus / Expedite Conjure Candle

  • Every Appalachain Conjure Candle comes in a 1-pint (16-ounce) Mason jar that stands about 5 inches tall. It's a rustic, honey tan color and made to burn all the way down. It burns slow and clean for about 75-80 hours. But please note that environmental factors affect burn time and also sometimes burn quality. If there's a draft, it can burn more quickly and it can also smoke. In very warm weather, it can burn more quickly.

  • We only want you to be happy! Usually, ilspeth's Keeping Room prefers to refund your money without asking you to return the item.


    This policy varies depending on the item and the size of the order. Garments and jewelry are returnable. Candles, incense, and oils are much easier to refund