What's with All That Magick Glitter?

So, ilspeth. What’s with all the shimmer, glitter and sparkle?

It’s true, a lot of the candles and oils that I make have some element of sparkle to them. It’s not because I love shiny things. OK, maybe it's a little because of that. But mostly, it serves a purpose for your magick.

About a thousand years ago when I was young working in a botanica, the owner taught me how to make a lot of the things that I sell today. He told me something that stuck with me.

Everything that you do to add a little somethin’-somethin’ to your magick makes it stronger. When you think about your work, when you direct your will toward your goal, when you choose the ingredients for your incense, even the way that you set up your altar--all of those decisions add something.

Not only that. If you believe in the entities that you work with (Not everyone does, and that’s OK. More on that later.), things that sparkle and shine can catch their attention and spark their curiosity.

Imagine you’re out there in the Universe doing somersaults around Mars when some wee Earthling decides to work some magick to improve their financial situation. Of course, their magick will work because they believe that it will. Maybe they want you to help. It might take a bit to get that message to you, but it will get to you.

But when there’s a little sparkle and shine, something is different. What’s going on down there, anyhow?

Ooooh. That smells good. Well, lookie there what she’s got going on. Ima go check that out.

The magick that most of us do is sympathetic. Sympathetic magick is a money spell that’s got a green candle and a bottle of green oil because money is often thought of as green. It’s got some cedar chips or oil (or both) because cedar correlates with Earth, which correlates with finances or a job. Other herbs and resins are added because they support your goal in one way or another. Maybe there’s some dragon’s blood in there to protect you against things that might go awry.

Opinions vary on why correlations work the way that they do.

Some believe that rose oil has a specific vibrational level that's very close to the vibrational level of the emotion of love. Some believe that the color pink vibrates at the same level as romantic love and that red has a vibrational level that's much like passion.

But then some people who believe that rose oil and pink and red work for romantic and passionate love also believe that the vibrational level stuff is a bunch of hooey. They still use those elements because of the power they've picked up over time.

That which you create in your mind, you create on this planet. Your thoughts create your reality. Not only that, they help create the reality of others. When enough people believe that pink equals love, then pink eventually becomes a powerful element in a love spell. A million people can't be wrong. Right?

Moonspell oil with glitter and beeswax

Moonspell oil has little beeswax orbs that represent the moon, and silver glitter that represents silvery moonlight.

And that leads us to glittery, shimmery things. Maybe when you work a money spell you'll use gold glitter, silver glitter or both, because people value gold and silver.

This is all about sympathetic magick. Sympathetic magick uses things that make you think of your goal and hold your focus where it needs to be. They might look like what you want to focus on, such as a poppet made in your image or even a piece of wax carved to look like a dollar bill. They might have a color that's commonly associated with your goal. Red is often used to represent power. Orange is energy. Black soaks up negative forces and sends them on their way. White is a universal substitute color, and it also represents purity.

All of that shimmer and sparkle in Keeping Room oils and candles serves a purpose. It’s intriguing for the entities that you’re working with. It helps encourage them to come around. And it represents something in the work that the the oil or candle is made for.

This is also why I make some oils and candles with no sparkle at all. Sometimes, you don’t want a crowd to come around, thankyouverymuch.

So when you see something with shimmery mica or sparkly glitter, it’s more than just pretty; it shimmers with a purpose and that purpose is the power of your magick.



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