What's the Supermoon Big Deal?

If you haven’t heard about the Supermoon tonight, where have you been hiding? Under a rock? If you have been waiting for a powerful manifestation time, this is it. What an incredible time of year for it! More importantly, what a fantastic set of lunar events in store over the coming weeks!

But first, what is a Supermoon and why does it matter?

The moon isn’t always the same distance from Earth. Although its orbit is cyclical, it’s not really a perfect circle. Gravitational forces aren’t static. Sometimes, it’s closer to Earth. Sometimes, it’s farther away.

When the full moon is as close to Earth as it gets, that’s a Supermoon. It looks a little larger than usual. It seems to shine a little brighter, too, if you’re lucky enough not to have cloud cover. The outlook is good here in the East Tennessee Appalachians. I hope that you have clear weather, as well.

Why is this Supermoon so important? There are a few really amazing things that converge today.

  • We haven’t had ANY Supermoon so far this year! This one is sliding in before Yule—the Winter Solstice.

  • It’s the last full moon of 2017.

  • It’s the Full Cold Moon.

  • It launches a trio of important lunar events:

  1. December 3: Supermoon

  2. January 1: Another Supermoon

  3. January 31: Total lunar eclipse

Hecate, by William Blake, 1795

If you’ve been waiting for a reason to work with the moon, you really can’t do much better than this. That’s especially true considering the time of year. There are so many things that you can do, in addition to ways that you already work. These are just a few ideas off the top of my head.

  • Cast. Tonight is phenomenal for it. Do you have important spellwork that you might have put off? Seriously, this is the time.

  • Connect with Hecate. This is what I will be doing. We're nearing the darkest point of the year. At the solstice, the sun begins to return. Although it's a supermoon and it's brighter than usual, Hecate still rules. I'm also preparing for New Moon work with Hecate as well as work on the lunar eclipse in January.

  • Draw down the moon. If you’ve never done this before, you will probably want company; an experienced, like-minded witch who is there to help and watch over you. This is powerful ritual and it’s not exactly predictable. You are drawing the goddess into yourself. It’s hard. It requires practice. And anything can happen!

  • Charge your tools. Lay them in the moonlight to absorb its energy.

  • Save it for later. You can charge purified water and anointing oils to save the power of this amazing moon for a time when you’ll need it later. I have a big bottle of water and olive oil from the solar eclipse earlier this year. After tonight, I’ll also have bottles of Supermoon water and oil.

  • Just be. Get outside if you can, light a fire and just be. Soak up the moonlight. Enjoy the serenity.

The Supermoon as a word is a relatively new invention. But the Supermoon itself obviously isn't. If you’re fortunate enough to have a clear sky, you’ll notice that it’s larger and that it feels sort of magnetic. Because it’s late autumn, you’ll also have more time to observe that beautiful, silvery orb.

Be well, and have fun tonight!



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